We are proud to announce our Neon Black Co-Founder, Soraya Calavassy was named a winner in last night’s B&T 30 Under 30 Awards within the PR category and recognised alongside some of the best and brightest Australian media industry leaders.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve been faced with challenges; reductions in teams and resources, budget cuts and senior leadership shifts. I’ve looked at each ‘set-back’ and instead embraced opportunity; to think creatively, make my mark, build something from nothing and grow as an individual and leader. I try every single day to pass this mentality onto my clients, colleagues and suppliers and believe you can never fail, only learn,” says Soraya.   

“As PR professionals and as an industry, we need to allow outsiders to look past the glossy veneer and understand the sheer talent, skills, creativity, expertise and professionalism that goes into the PR industry; whether it be launching a brand or product, putting out fires for a client in crisis, creating messaging and generating coverage. There is a real skill and art to the work that we do and achieving real-life and meaningful results. A great PR team can be instrumental in catapulting your business and brand into success!” commented Soraya.   

“Being named in the B&T 30 Under 30 shortlist is not only a huge personal and professional achievement, it’s also a huge success for Neon Black and everything we are working to achieve in the PR and Communications industry Australia-wide. It is absolutely inspiring and humbling to be named alongside such a plethora of talent in this industry. There is no doubt Australia has a bright future ahead and an amazing next generation of professionals spanning across the media, creative, advertising, marketing and PR industries,” concluded Soraya.  

View the full list of winners here