June 2017


It’s the Sydney cakery turned chocolatier that has amassed a social following of over 100K in its first 12 months of business. Bakedown Cakery is certainly hitting the sweet tooth of Australians and satisfying their tastebuds, having recently launched their brand new online ‘Choc Shop’ offering national delivery.

Already sought after for their range of delectable cakes, cupcakes and tarts, Bakedown Cakery has evolved it’s cutting edge flavours, endless colour combinations and ability to develop custom products, straight into the world of artisan, handcrafted chocolates.

“The Choc Shop is the next phase for Bakedown Cakery and a new flavour frontier for our customers,” says Jen Lo, Founder and Creative Director of Bakedown Cakery. “A huge personal passion of mine, we aim to give people the same delight and pleasure they experience from our cakes. From the moment they see a chocolate, touch it and then taste it, we want them to fall in love with the look, textures and flavours all signature to Bakedown Cakery.”

“Bakedown Cakery chocolates really take huge inspiration from the flavours of my Malaysian-Chinese ancestory. We use the flavours of sesame, matcha and houjicha and couple these with those more traditionally found with chocolate including praline, caramel and berries to create something truly unique and individual that you can get nowhere else,” said Jen.

“We want to give our customers an exquisite chocolate experience. When you bite into our delicate Almond, Coconut & Lychee chocolate bark, you not only feel the crack of the chocolate, but taste the toasted slivered almonds combined with a lightly roasted coconut and the fruity flavour of freeze dried lychees as the bark melts on your tongue. It’s about tasting a bon bon and experiencing the sweet crunch of a sesame praline, a soft gooey salted caramel, or matcha flavours accompanied with white chocolate,” says Jen.

Bakedown Cakery uses pops of bright pastel colours, textures, patterns and shapes to invigorate all Bakedown Cakery chocolates and give them their exquisite, yet fun signature look. Each Bakedown Cakery product is designed personally by Jen and is made by hand from start to finish. This includes their single origin chocolate blocks, handpainted and handtempered chocolate barks, bonbons and truffles.

“Our chocolates are made using only the most premium, quality chocolate from Belgium and France including an assortment of single origin varieties including Madagascar, São Tomé, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Java to name a few. We go through more than 300kg of chocolate per year. We couple the rich chocolate flavours with premium Australian nuts and dried fruit from New Zealand. We want people to bite into a bar of chocolate and taste the difference, the heritage and the rich flavours that have been carefully curated to bring out the best in taste,” added Jen.

“We are experimental in our approach at Bakedown Cakery and are committed to trialing new flavour combinations with quality ingredients sourced locally and internationally to offer a stunning experience for our customers. Whether they are buying Bakedown Cakery products for an event, as a gift for somebody special, or even just to treat themselves, we want every single mouthful to be memorable,” concluded Jen.

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