Creative Communications

Hear that...?     That was the sound of boring, traditional ways of thinking flying out the window. 

We are the new black; nimble, creative and experts in creative communications. In our years of experience, we have crashed websites, increased market-share and sent consumers into a frenzy. 

The Neon Black team has worked on a widespread portfolio of clients and brands across FMCG, food, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, corporate, property, renewable energy, trades and service providers and many more.

Our offering is an eclectic mix within the creative communications sphere. Want something not listed? It’s cool. If we can’t help, we sure as hell know somebody who can!


Insight & strategy.

Our strength is understanding your business from the inside out. Allow us to get in deep and immerse ourselves in what you have to offer. We will come out the other side brimming with knowledge, insights and armed with the information to build a strategy that truly works.. 



Public relations.

Want to see your name in lights?   We know who to talk to and how to get it there. We generate news angles, create exciting content and sell your story to media that matters. When publicity is your goal, Neon Black and our strong media network can help you achieve it. 


Creative Direction.

Visuals are vital and creative is key when it comes to showcasing the best elements of your brand. We use our powers of imagination and strong sense of vision to critique, direct and develop your creative, no matter the platform.


Event Management.

Are you launching a product, throwing a killer party, or trying to convey the story of your brand through an intimate gathering or occasion? Neon Black knows how to create memorable and seamless events for media, consumers and stakeholders.


consumer activations.

We know how to talk to consumers and engage with them through the power of activations. Whether it be in a shopping centre, a large public space, or a covert interaction, our big ideas and methods of engagement are guaranteed to get consumer cut-through.


website analysis & development.

Your digital footprint creates interest, intrigue and is just one touch point to share your story. We can take your tired website, refresh your brand, revise your content and leave you feeling as good as new; while making a lasting first impression for current and future customers.


Influencer outreach.

Sometimes it’s about getting your product or brand into the hands of the right people at the right time. Our extensive little black book is filled with the most influential people, allowing us to connect and provide premium opportunities for your business.



and more.