tesla powerwall.



Neon Black worked with Natural Solar, an Australian solar installer, to position themselves as a trusted market and industry leader of battery power, and premier installer of the Tesla Powerwall compared to larger competitors.

This twelve-month strategic calendar consisted of media relations, content creation, blog development, social media, advertising, localised marketing and SEO.

A campaign highlight was the first installation of a Tesla Powerwall in Australia by Natural Solar in January 2016, which achieved worldwide media interest and attention.

Key news generation supported by PR, SEO and social media included:

  • First installation of a Tesla Powerwall in Australia
  • First commercial Tesla Powerwall installation in Australia
  • First power bill received
  • Multiple Powerwall installations at one location (6)
  • South Australian blackouts
  • Localised stories in rural and remote areas, and first in state installations
  • Case studies and success of installations
  • Worldwide media coverage

  • 100,000 in-bound consumer leads to the Natural Solar website in 12 months

  • Sales growth and revenue increase for Natural Solar



The Project, Today Show, Sunrise, Weekend Today, Weekend Sunrise, Channel 9 News, Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News, Nine News Now, ABC, 2GB, 2UE, 3AW, 4BC, 4CC, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Australian Financial Review and more


Natural Solar worked with Neon Black to spread the word and gain media attention as we announced our role as an Australian authorised reseller of the long-awaited Tesla Powerwall. Neon Black not only achieved an unprecedented amount of media coverage in a very short time frame, but also generated hundreds of consumer enquiries and business leads for Natural Solar as a result of this activity. Neon Black handled every element of this campaign with passion, professionalism and dedication to achieving results.
— Chris Williams, Director, Natural Solar